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poet n : a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry)

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see Poet



From Old French poete < poēta "poet, author" < (poiētēs) "creator, maker, author, poet" < (poieō) "I make or compose" < PIE *kwoiwo- "making" < base *qwei- "to make".



  1. a person who writes poems


person who writes poems
  • Chiense:
    Mandarin: 诗人 (shī rén)
  • Dutch: dichter
  • Finnish: runoilija
  • French: poète
  • German: Poet, Dichter
  • Greek: ποιητής, ποιήτρια
  • Hungarian: költő, poéta
  • Icelandic: skáld, ljóðskáld
  • Ido: poeto
  • Irish: bard
  • Italian: poeta, poetessa
  • Japanese: 詩人
  • Kurdish:
  • Malayalam: കവി
  • Maltese: poeta, poetessa
  • Portuguese: poeta, poetisa
  • Russian: поэт, поэтесса
  • Serbian: pesnik , pesnikinja , pesmopisac , pesmopisateljica
  • Scottish Gaelic: bard
  • Spanish: poeta, poetisa
  • Swedish: poet
  • Telugu: కవి, కవయిత్రి
  • Welsh: bardd



  1. loot, stolen money






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A poet is an person who writes poetry.


From the ancient greek : ποιέω, poieō : "I make or compose" ; ποιητης, poïêtes : "artisan, creator, maker, author, poet" > Latin : poēta : "poet, author" > Old French : (1200-1400) poëte or poète > Used (poet) in 14th. century, in classical english language, for all sorts of writers or composers of works of literature.

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Paradise Lost, as drawn by Gustave Doré. Maxfield Parrish, an illustration from Poems of Childhood by Eugene Field. (1904) 's calligramme. (1918)
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Meistersinger, Parnassian, advertising writer, annalist, arch-poet, art critic, author, authoress, ballad maker, balladist, balladmonger, bard, beat poet, belletrist, bibliographer, bucoliast, coauthor, collaborator, columnist, compiler, composer, copywriter, creative artist, creative writer, critic, dance critic, diarist, drama critic, dramatist, elegist, encyclopedist, epic poet, essayist, fancier, fantasist, fantast, fili, free lance, free-lance writer, ghost, ghostwriter, humorist, idyllist, imaginer, imagist, inditer, inventor, jongleur, laureate, librettist, literary artist, literary craftsman, literary critic, literary man, litterateur, logographer, lyricist, magazine writer, major poet, maker, man of letters, metrist, minnesinger, minor poet, minstrel, modernist, monographer, muse, music critic, mythicizer, mythifier, mythmaker, mythopoet, newspaperman, novelettist, novelist, occasional poet, odist, pamphleteer, pastoral poet, pastoralist, penwoman, poet laureate, poetaster, poetress, prose writer, reviewer, rhapsode, rhapsodist, rhymer, rhymester, satirist, scenario writer, scenarist, scop, scribe, scriptwriter, short-story writer, skald, sonneteer, storyteller, symbolist, technical writer, troubadour, trouveur, trovatore, vers libriste, vers-librist, versemaker, versifier, word painter, wordsmith, writer
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